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Mysquare Renovation outlet established a way to supply stuff for your bathroom or kitchen renovation needs with affordable prices.


We import shower screens from overseas with approved australian standard. Full range of frameless shower screens with either 

wall brackets or channel supplied as an option.  Mysquare are trying to cover main sizes of shower area in Australia. Framed shower screens are adjustable. They can easily to be installed for your bathroom.

And, we also get supply from local wholesalers. Regarding to product quality and after sale service, we always select reliable suppliers. We believe that customer’s satisfaction is the primary goal of the business.


Our marketing spreads to eBay and local classified ads Gumtree.

On eBay, you can enjoy this popular shopping method online at anywhere, anytime. Pay via Paypal, the way you completely trust.  

On Gumtree, our team connect people who were either planning to renovate the home you will live or investment property for tenants. 


Our aim on our own shopping system is to give you a simple and easy-to-use platform that lets you quickly find what your family are looking for. You can find everything you need to do the renovation.  Easily chat with our team member online, or send email through with your enquiry if you do not have time to talk on the phone.


Thanks for now,


Mysquare Renovation Outlet

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