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  • Made from Australian Standard, Toughened Safety glass.

  • Framed sliding door

  • Square Contemporary Handle

  • Matte Black finish hardware

  • It can be mounted onto the base or directly onto the tiles

To meet Australian safety standards and warranty purposes, Toughened safety glass must be installed by a licensed glazier. 




  • Height: 1900mm on all framed screens

  • Thickness: 6mm glass thickness as standard for framed screens


  • Door Panel Size:

  • (900-1000)mm,

  • (1000-1100)mm,

  • (1100-1200)mm,

  • (1200-1300)mm,

  • (1300-1400)mm,

  • (1400-1500)mm,

  • (1500-1600)mm,

  • (1600-1700)mm;


  • Return Panel Size:

  • (800-820)mm,

  • (840-860)mm,

  • (860-880)mm,

  • (900-920)mm,

Matte Black - Framed sliding door (adjustable) (900-1700)mm

PriceFrom AU$683.00
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